About Us

Rust to Riches (RTR) was founded by Chris Hegge and Steve Motichka, for their pure passion and talent for, initially, the art of antique vehicle restoration, customization, and finishing. After working years for a top fuel drag racing team and then a nationally renowned hot rod shop, Chris decided to move back to his hometown and share his talents with the folks on the East Coast. After founding a successful equipment rental company in Northeast Pennsylvania in the late 1980’s, Steve has finally stepped out of the day-to-day operations of the company to focus on the Rust To Riches Projects and get hands-on with his own passion: Chevelle’s.

RTR performs everything from sheet metal work and fabrication to custom home decor, also performing mechanical hot/street rod work and restoration of everything from antique gas pumps to Coke machines and everything vintage! The guys at RTR thoroughly enjoy every step in the detail and transformation of each project, as evidenced in the “before and after” pictures (please take a peek at the photo albums!)

The staff of Rust To Riches invite you to stop by and visit their shop and see all of the current, in-progress projects. Incredibly easy to find, RTR is located just behind the famed “A Pickers Find” antique and vintage retail shop on Route 6, in Honesdale.

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